Soft Skills are increasingly valuable for your career and your projects. In each episode, host Yadi Caro delves into a different "soft skill" featuring experts and people in highly technical fields who have used soft skills to succeed.

About Yadi

Hi, I'm Yadi. Over a decade I have traveled through various countries on my role supporting the US military in the creation and management of software solutions. While my work relies on technical skills, I believe the so-called “soft skills” have been critical for the teams I have worked on.  This is why I created the podcast Hardcore Soft Skills, where I talk with well-known experts on how to improve on each. This is part of my learning journey as I am also a grad student in Organizational Behavior at Harvard.

Before this career, I was a journalist covering stories in the US and Latin America. Both in my podcast and my blog I continue pursuing my love for telling stories and sharing knowledge.

Learn more about my work at yadicaro.com 


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